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Slide backgroundگیلان لیرو
Slide backgroundگیلان لیرو
Slide backgroundگیلان لیرو
The company is developing the standard of health and practical production of leeches in the form of practical recipes for the mission of the company, which is the same principle of health and health It is a commodity and has taken a great step in raising the quality of domesticated leeches in the country
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Leech properties A look at the enzymes in the saliva of leech and their properties: Leeches are more likely to expel blood and body material from the depths of the body. Leeches should prevent blood clots in order to be bloody. Important enzymes known as leeches:
1 Herodin Hirudin Herodynia is the most widely known leech enzyme and the most potent anticoagulant and is more potent than meparin. Herodin's action is enhanced by other factors in the leech, which have the same activity on the circulation. These factors include:
Stay with us and grow your own leech. At the same time, you can raise your income and earn money at home. All the stages of Zalora breeding can be from experts. We learn to attend a classroom, get a valid degree, and do business.
Applicants can continue to work with Gilan Liro Company after equipping and setting up manufacturing workshops and the production of all types of medicinal leeches if they wish to attend our training courses. We will be at your service for 18 months.
Gilan Leiro Cooperative Company is ready to provide advice on setting up leech training and maintenance workshops for all interested in this industry.
The Gilan Liro Corporation for the Development of Medicinal Herbs has been established in accordance with the slogan "Providing natural remedies for the treatment of diseases and preserving the generation and survival of leeches".
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گیلان لیرو
The Gilan Liro Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co-operative Company was established in accordance with the slogan "Developing the solutions to the natural treatment of illness and maintaining the genera and survival of leeches". The company is comprised of experienced and educated personnel who, with extensive research in this field and using the quarantine experiences of propagation and cultivation of natural leeches in different countries, has been producing one of the best raccoonly and lemon medicines in the majority of Market demand
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